Multimodal Components

What is Multimodal Composition?

On this page, I will explain what a multimodal composition is, how important it is to choose what mediums & modes to pursue, my experiences, and the overall pros and cons.

Throughout the course, we were encouraged to compose our projects by following a multimodal format. A multimodal composition is a project, work, essay, etc in which multiple mediums and programs are used to compose a piece. There can be many different combinations people may set out to pursue. Depending on the topic, project, or question that you are asked to put together, there are many easier combinations than others, as long as you have a little background of using the different mediums you choose to work with.

When I was asked to compose projects in multimodal formats, I kept in mind the process that I needed to keep up with. Several factors that I considered while I was deciding on which medium & modes to pursue, I focused on programs that I was familiar with, and programs that would be simple, but encouraging to work with. I also considered the fact that I needed to clearly portray the information within my project in an exact way, so that it'd be easy for the audience to watch and examine.

There were many challenges while composing my first two projects. I chose to use Google Slides and a program called Audacity for my Memoir Project. The challenging thing was incorporating my voiceover audio into the slideshow. The Audacity program made me convert different parts of my recording into MP3 files, then in order to upload them into my Google Slideshow, I had to first upload it to my Google Drive, then go and insert it into the slide by importing the files into the slide after uploading them into the drive. After better understanding, and all the stress already experienced, the process became easier over time as I would upload each recording file by file. For my Profile Project, I decided to go a different direction and instead of recording into Audacity, I recorded directly on my phone through Apple's Voice Memos app. I figured it was the easiest way to directly transfer the audio files straight from my phone to my computer, and it turned out, it was way easier, it saved time, and I was overall experienced enough to the point of being able to transfer all of my audio files to my slideshow within about 10 minutes, which unlike the first project, it seemed like it took forever to go through the entire process I had to while using Audacity.