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About Me

Hello, my name is Blaine Mitchell, and I'm from Albuquerque, NM. I am currently a freshman at UNM majoring in Business Administration. I decided to stay here at home and attend UNM because I have so much here in New Mexico, and it would've been hard to leave it all and go to college out of state. I have many goals for myself during my time here at UNM, but one of my major long-term goals is to be able to gain knowledge and learn new things that I've never experienced or learned before. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister who also attends UNM with me. I am currently taking 15 credit hours, but I am going to try and challenge myself next semester and take 18 credit hours instead. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, working on cars, and participating in activities that positively affect our community. A quote that I always try to stand by is a quote I discovered when I was in high school. I heard it from many different teachers, and people. It is, "Don't worry, no matter what is going on and what happens, the best is yet to come."